<K & S Producion Ltd >provides different printing processing service, our service including:Display Production, Injet, Packaging, Offset printing and Product Design ...etc.

Packaging Offset Printing Shopping Bag Silk Screen Printing
Inkjet Production Lamphouse PDQ

In order to coordinate the multiplicity development of our client, we provide the specialized opinion and the service for the customer, each step from the artwork until the bulk production, we use our earnest and efficient manner to complete the job.

We believed that, as the quick and fast development of the world, the demand of innovative design, material choice and efficient production is great, therefore we request each step of production has highly accurate, in order to provide one-stop professional service to our customer.

We try our best to makes our great effort to meet the need from our client.

Moreover the factory in China can also provide quick and efficient printing and production service for our client, also delivery in China is available.